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My name is Sebastian Nowozin and I am researcher at Microsoft Research, Cambridge, UK. On this page you find publications and software related to my work.

I am looking for PhD student collaborators for possible internships or visits to Microsoft Research Cambridge, UK. If you work at the intersection of machine learning and computer vision, please send me an email.




My main research interest is in developing machine learning techniques suitable for solving high-level computer vision tasks, such as image classification and object recognition.

High-level computer vision tasks are a unique source of hard machine learning problems for three reasons. First, in contrast to physics-based processes we do not know the correct model (model uncertainty). Second, humans excel at all high-level vision tasks and thus can provide data and assess model performance (ground truth oracle). Third, image and video data is available for free at an enormous scale (data availability). These properties make computer vision a particularly attractive area for machine learning research.

I am particularly interested in using mathematical optimization as a tool to solve computer vision machine learning tasks.

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  • Area chair: NIPS (2012, 2014), ICML (2015)
  • Editorial activities: JMLR action editor (2013-), IJCV associate editor (2014-), TPAMI associate editor (2014-)
  • Reviewer, machine learning conferences: NIPS (2008-2011, 2013, best reviewer award 2008), ICML (2009-2014), AISTATS (2010), UAI (2009), ECML/PKDD (2010)
  • Reviewer, computer vision conferences: CVPR (2010-2014), ECCV (2010, 2012, 2014), ICCV (2011, 2013)
  • Reviewer, machine learning journals: JMLR, TNN, ADAC
  • Reviewer, computer vision journals: TPAMI, IJCV
  • PC member, workshops: Machine Learning Open Source Software (at ICML 2010), Structured Models in Computer Vision (at CVPR 2010), 1st International Workshop on Parts and Attributes (at ECCV 2010), HiPot: Workshop on Higher-Order Models and Global Constraints in Computer Vision (at ECCV 2012).
  • Workshop organizer: Optimization for Machine Learning (OPT 2008-2011 at NIPS), Structured Prediction: Tractability, Learning, and Inference (at CVPR 2013). International Workshop on Graphical Models in Computer Vision (GMCV 2014) (at ECCV 2014).

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You can reach me by email at