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au_filehdr Struct Reference

#include <AUFile.h>

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Public Member Functions

uint32_t magic __attribute__ ((packed))
uint32_t offset __attribute__ ((packed))
uint32_t data_size __attribute__ ((packed))
uint32_t encoding __attribute__ ((packed))
uint32_t sample_rate __attribute__ ((packed))
uint32_t channels __attribute__ ((packed))

Detailed Description

Struct of the AU file header

Note that we explicitly pack the structure elements to allow raw reads of the structure from the file and vice versa. (See

Member Function Documentation

uint32_t channels au_filehdr::__attribute__ (packed)   

Number of interleaved channels (mono = 1, stereo = 2)

uint32_t sample_rate au_filehdr::__attribute__ (packed)   

Samples per second

uint32_t encoding au_filehdr::__attribute__ (packed)   

Data encoding

uint32_t data_size au_filehdr::__attribute__ (packed)   

Audio data length in bytes

uint32_t offset au_filehdr::__attribute__ (packed)   

Absolute byte offset into file to start of audio data

uint32_t magic au_filehdr::__attribute__ (packed)   

The magic number (".snd")

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