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File List

Here is a list of all documented files with brief descriptions:
AboutForm.h [code]
ActivationFunction.h [code]
AudioPreprocessing.h [code]
AUFile.h [code]
DirView.h [code]
fft.h [code]
Graph.h [code]
GUIAudio.h [code]
GUIMain.h [code]
GUIMainImpl.h [code]
GUINeuralNet.h [code]
PerceptronLayer.h [code]
PerceptronNetwork.h [code]
PerceptronNeuron.h [code]
RandomFunction.h [code]
SplashScreen.h [code]
VowelClassifier.h [code]
VowelManager.h [code]
VowelSample.h [code]

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