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VowelClassification Struct Reference

#include <VowelClassifier.h>

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Public Attributes

vector< double > vstat
vector< vector< double > > net_result
VowelSampleType guessed_type

Detailed Description

Structure to return when a classification has been made.

Member Data Documentation

VowelSampleType VowelClassification::guessed_type

The type the sample was guessed as.

When the system is certain enough about the input vowel, the guessed_type will resemble the highest rating within the vstat array.

vector<vector<double> > VowelClassification::net_result

Individual network results.

net_result[0] holds the three results of the first network, net_result[1] and net_result[2] the other network results.

vector<double> VowelClassification::vstat

Vowel classification statistics for each vowel.

Tells a bit about how sure the expert system is about its guess. Can be anywhere between 0.0 (completely chaotic decision) and 1.0 (absolutely sure classification).

The index into the vector is the VowelSampleType, as in certainty_u = vstat[(VowelSampleType) U];

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