Panorama images are wide-angle images that amaze people: you often feel being inside the scene when watching a good panorama image. Creating such images is easy and everybody with a digital camera and a bit of patience can do it. Autopano-SIFT is there to make the creation of panorama images more fun.

Example image

Almost everybody likes panorama images, and here is one of the pictures I created using my program,

The Juyong pass of the Great Wall of China

The Juyong pass of the Great Wall of China

You can watch more images I made at www.behind-the-wall.org.


Autopano-SIFT looks at your images and compares information about the images' content to order them correctly. Together with programs like hugin and enblend, you can create top-quality panorama images. The method autopano-sift uses to compare your images are described on another page describing technical details.


Everybody likes screenshots.

The new 2.0 Gtk# GUI

Automatic matches

Final blended image


But even better than screenshots, you can now watch an online demonstration that explains all the available options. The demonstration in flash format, and in html format.


Autopano-SIFT takes many images and outputs PTO files which describe control point matches between the images.

It has the following features:


The documentation is available in the tarball in form of manpages. Here you can find the latest documentation of the individual programs as PDF and in text format:

autopano-siftIntroduction: autopano-sift.pdf, autopano-sift.txt
autopano-complete.shConvenience script: autopano-complete.pdf, autopano-complete.txt
autopano-complete.old.shConvenience script (obsoleted version): autopano-complete.old.pdf, autopano-complete.old.txt
autopanoMatch program: autopano.pdf, autopano.txt
autopanogGUI: autopanog.pdf, autopanog.txt
generatekeysSIFT key generation program: generatekeys.pdf, generatekeys.txt
showoneKey display program: showone.pdf, showone.txt
showtwoKey match display program: showtwo.pdf, showtwo.txt

Download and License

Notice: The SIFT algorithm is restricted by patents in the United States and hence this software is not completely free to use. For details see the LICENSE file included in the distribution, before you start to use this software.

The University of British Columbia has applied for a patent on the SIFT algorithm in the United States. Commercial applications of this software may require a license from the University of British Columbia.

Please read and acknowledge the license (GPL) before running the software. A detailed changelog of autopano-sift is also available.

The latest version has been released on the 31th of October 2005. There is no updated 2.4 version for Windows yet.

Getting started

Rob Park (rbpark at ualberta dot ca) wrote a nice tutorial for the basic workflow of using autopano-sift, hugin and enblend to stitch simple panorama images. The panorama tutorial. An extensive list of tutorials for panorama generation in general is available at the hugin tutorial website. For expert help on panoramas (related or unrelated to autopano-sift), you can consult the ptx mailing list.


Developing autopano-sift was rewarding on its own and I am thankful for the experience. I am currently pursuing my graduate studies in computer science and plan to write a diploma thesis related to feature based image algorithms. Developing autopano-sift has introduced me to the field of computer based image processing and computer vision at large.

If you like the program for what it does or for how much mundane work it does for you, please consider making a donation. It will help me improving the program and is very much appreciated. Thanks!


For questions, suggestions and constructive criticism you can reach me at nowozin@gmail.com.