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picture of typical c/s student
in front of the bodensee (september 2002)

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This page is to serve you with the information and content I developed as student of the TU-Berlin university. From October 2001 to mid-2006 I was enrolled here as student of computer science for diploma. Beside that, I obtained a Master of Engineering degree (MEng) in Shanghai, also in the computer science field.

I finished my master degree studies (MEng) in China in June 2005 in the field of medical image processing. I finished the german computer science diploma at the TU-Berlin in May 2006.

Returned from Shanghai!

Flag of People's Republic of China Three colleagues and myself have spent two years in Shanghai, China, from September, 2003 until August 2005 to obtain a master degree at the Shanghai Jiao Tong University under a double diploma agreement (pdf), which is the first Germany-China agreement of its kind. This adventure has been blogged by all of us (at, now closed).


Please do not hesitate to mail in comments and corrections. My GnuPG PGP compatible public key is available and has the fingerprint B4EC C9D7 B4C0 3E85 177A CE9F 42DD AD9E ADD8 FD1E.

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