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Graph Member List

This is the complete list of members for Graph, including all inherited members.
addValue(const vector< double > &plotitem)Graph
colorsGraph [private]
descGraph [private]
display_sizeGraph [private]
getDisplaySize(void) constGraph
Graph(QWidget *parent=0, const char *name=0)Graph
margin_barsGraph [private]
margin_downGraph [private]
margin_leftGraph [private]
margin_rightGraph [private]
margin_upGraph [private]
maxGraph [private]
painterGraph [private]
paintEvent(QPaintEvent *ev)Graph [protected]
plotFunction(const vector< double > &plot, const QColor &col, const vector< const char * > &desc)Graph [private]
plotsGraph [private]
selectColor(const unsigned int idx) constGraph [private]
setColor(const QColor &col)Graph
setColor(const vector< QColor > &colors)Graph
setDescriptions(const vector< const char * > &desc)Graph
setDisplaySize(unsigned int display_size)Graph
setDisplayType(GraphDisplayType type)Graph
setMargins(unsigned int margin_bars=2, unsigned int margin_left=4, unsigned int margin_right=4, unsigned int margin_up=4, unsigned int margin_down=4)Graph
setMax(const double maximum)Graph [inline]
setTitle(const char *title)Graph
setValues(const vector< vector< double > > &plots)Graph
titleGraph [private]
typeGraph [private]

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