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  • Estimating Discrete Entropy, Part 2

    Sebastian Nowozin - Sat 21 February 2015 -

    In the last part we have looked at the basic problem of discrete entropy estimation. In this article we will see a number of proposals of improved estimators.

    Miller Correction

    In 1955 George Miller proposed a simple correction to the …

  • Estimating Discrete Entropy, Part 1

    Sebastian Nowozin - Sat 07 February 2015 -

    Estimation of the entropy of a random variable is an important problem that has many applications. If you can estimate entropy accurately, you can also estimate mutual information, which allows you to find dependent random variables in large data sets …

  • Advanced Structured Prediction

    Sebastian Nowozin - Thu 29 January 2015 -

    In December 2014, just in time for NIPS, MIT Press released an edited volume on structured prediction models and their applications in natural language processing, computer vision, and computational biology.

    Advanced Structured Prediction cover image

    Advanced Structured Prediction, Editors Sebastian Nowozin, Peter V. Gehler, Jeremy …

  • Streaming Mean and Variance Computation

    Sebastian Nowozin - Sun 25 January 2015 -

    Given a sequence of observed data we would often like to estimate simple quantities like the mean and variance.

    Sometimes the data is available in a streaming setting, that is, we are given one sample at a time. For example …

  • The Beginning

    Sebastian Nowozin - Sun 25 January 2015 -

    This is the start of my blog. This will be a quite technical blog and therefore address a more specialized audience.

    The articles will cover topics in the area of machine learning, statistics, maybe some computer vision, let's see. I …