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  • Becoming a Bayesian, Part 1

    Sebastian Nowozin - Sun 19 April 2015 -

    I have used probabilistic models for a number of years now and over this time I have used different paradigms to build my models, to estimate them from data, and to perform inference and predictions.

    Overall I have slowly become …

  • Extended Formulations

    Sebastian Nowozin - Sun 05 April 2015 -

    An amazing fact in high dimensions is this: Projecting a simple convex set described by a small number of inequalities can create complicated convex set with an exponential number of inequalities.

    It is amazing because it contradicts our everyday human …

  • How to report uncertainty

    Sebastian Nowozin - Thu 19 March 2015 -

    Error bars and the \(\pm\)-notation are used to quantitatively convey uncertainty in experimental results. For example, you would often read statements like \(140.7 \textrm{Hz} \pm 2.8 \textrm{ Hz SEM}\) in a paper to report both an …

  • Estimating Discrete Entropy, Part 3

    Sebastian Nowozin - Sat 07 March 2015 -

    In the last two parts (part one, part two) we looked at the problem of entropy estimation and several popular estimators.

    In this final article we will take a look at two Bayesian approaches to the problem.

    Bayesian Estimator due …

  • Machine Learning in Cambridge 2015

    Sebastian Nowozin - Thu 26 February 2015 -

    This year we (Zoubin, together with David and myself) are again organizing a workshop event for the local Cambridge (UK) machine learning community. The schedule is available at the workshop homepage, Machine Learning in Cambridge 2015, and we also plan …