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  • History of Monte Carlo Methods - Part 1

    Sebastian Nowozin - Fri 16 October 2015 -

    Some time ago in June 2013 I gave a lab tutorial on Monte Carlo methods at Microsoft Research. These tutorials are seminar-talk length (45 minutes) but are supposed to be light, accessible to a general computer science audience, and fun …

  • The Julia language for Scientific Computing

    Sebastian Nowozin - Fri 02 October 2015 -

    Julia is a relatively new programming language with the declared goal to become the leading language for scientific computing.

    I have probably annoyed half of my colleagues by raving about how great the language is and what it is good …

  • How good are your beliefs? Part 2: The Quiz

    Sebastian Nowozin - Fri 18 September 2015 -

    This post continues the previous post, part 1 on scoring rules. However, today we will be more hands on, testing your skill of making good and well-calibrated predictions.

    To this end, I will ask you several questions about numerical quantities …

  • How good are your beliefs? Part 1: Scoring Rules

    Sebastian Nowozin - Fri 04 September 2015 -

    This article is the first of two on proper scoring rules, a specific type of loss function defined on probability distributions or functions of probability distributions.

    If this article sparks your interest, I recommend the gentle introduction to scoring rules …

  • Machine Learning for Intelligent Image and Video Processing (ICCV 2015 Workshop)

    Sebastian Nowozin - Wed 02 September 2015 -

    Michael Hirsch and myself are organizing a workshop on the topic of machine learning for image and video processing as part of the ICCV 2015 programme.

    The workshop takes place on the 17th December 2015 in Santiago, Chile, right after …