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  • Streaming Log-sum-exp Computation

    Sebastian Nowozin - Sun 08 May 2016 -

    A common numerical operation in statistical computing is to compute

    $$\log \sum_{i=1}^n \exp x_i,$$

    where \(x_i \in \mathbb{R}\), and \(n\) is potentially very large.

    We can implement the above computation by exponentiating each number, then summing …

  • Where will Artificial Intelligence come from?

    Sebastian Nowozin - Wed 20 April 2016 -

    Artificial Intelligence (AI) is making progress in great strides, or at least it appears so! Almost no week passes by without some major announcements of new challenges solved by AI technology or new products powered by AI.

    Indeed many quantifiable …

  • The Best of Unpublished Machine Learning and Statistics Books

    Sebastian Nowozin - Tue 09 February 2016 -

    Nowadays authors in the fields of statistics and machine learning often choose to write their books openly by publishing early draft versions. For popular books this creates a lot of feedback and in the end clearly improves the final book …

  • The Fair Price to Pay a Spy: An Introduction to the Value of Information

    Sebastian Nowozin - Sat 09 January 2016 -

    Spy image

    (This article covers the decision-theoretic concept of value of information through a classic example.)

    What is the value of a piece of information?

    It depends. Two factors determine the value of information: first, whether the information is new to you …

  • ICCV 2015, Day 4

    Sebastian Nowozin - Wed 16 December 2015 -

    This article summarizes the fourth day of the ICCV 2015 conference, the International Conference on Computer Vision. A summary of the first day, second day, and third day is also available.

    ICCV 2017 and 2019

    ICCV 2017 will be in …