ICCV 2015, Day 4

Sebastian Nowozin - Wed 16 December 2015 -

This article summarizes the fourth day of the ICCV 2015 conference, the International Conference on Computer Vision. A summary of the first day, second day, and third day is also available.

ICCV 2017 and 2019

ICCV 2017 will be in Venice, Italy.

For ICCV 2019 there was an open voting between Seoul (Korea) and Shanghai (China), with Seoul winning the election. Both proposals were strong and because I have lived in Shanghai for two years I favored that proposal, but I am confident that ICCV 2019 in Seoul will be wonderful as well.


Computer vision is now fully recognized as having an impact in the industry. All large tech companies invested heavily in the last three years or so, and one of the visible results is the increased number of conference sponsors and the conference parties.

Conferences such as NIPS, CVPR, and ICCV now host invite-only open bar parties with several hundred attendees; this year at ICCV there were parties by Microsoft, Intel, Google, and Facebook.

Interestingly they do not come across as recruiting events: there is a minimal announcement perhaps, but otherwise people just chat with food and drinks. It is more a show of strength and goodwill towards the community that computer vision is taken seriously and the parties do demonstrate that the companies are in good shape, much like banks invest in a marble floor and shiny glass facades to gain the trust of their customers.

Interesting Papers

Polarized 3D: High-Quality Depth Sensing with Polarization Cues

By Achuta Kadambi, Vage Taamazyan, Boxin Shi, and Ramesh Raskar.

Polarization of light is a rarely exploited cue for 3D reconstruction. This work revisits shape-from-polarization and shows fine detail 3D reconstruction from polarization information (with non-trivial post-processing).